LocalTryp LLC and sister company, The Capital Oyster offer group and private agri adventures, workshops, tours, travel and events.

What makes us different?

Every booked activity raises funds for:

• Coastal Conservation 
• Oyster Restoration 
• Women, minority, and veteran economic empowerment and education initiatives 
• Climate and Sustainability Nonprofits 
• Social Services, Food and Housing Security  

(Bring Your Own Nonprofit)

We will curate activities for your group—percentage of proceeds returned to your nonprofit of choice.

Hit our fundraising link to learn more about our fundraising consulting services.

Thank you for visiting!

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to suspend indoor workshops and events for Winter 2021-2022.

This is entirely due to Covid cases rising again as people move indoors.

With a large percentage of U.S. citizens remaining unvaccinated and resulting infection and death rates, we are not willing to put people at risk. Lack of universal mask mandates further puts people at risk.

We thank you for your support and will make announcements in early spring 2022 regarding workshop and event schedule.

If you would like to contact us regarding attending a future workshop or becoming a partner venue for events, please contact us at:

[email protected]

We continue developing our itineraries and events.

Please visit your local and state health departments for specific Covid19 updates.

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